Railway cistern shaped chemical tank 50-70 m3

The container is suitable for storing chemicals, fuel and water.
Based on a 62-type railway container with a volume of 73 m3.
Everything is thought out – the height of the cradle is 1.13 m, the slope of the cistern is 1 degree – so that the containers can be filled without a pump.
cistern walls – 15-20 mm – can be said to be eternal,
faucet – reliable suitable for chemicals DN100 PN16
on top of the cistern – air valves SMDK-50 (2 pcs.)
sandblasted, painted inside (protective silicate paint) and primer paint (zinc) outside, color shade RAL 9003 (paint gloss 70 to prevent heating of the tank).
The base is also 10 mm zinc (the project is attached).
Price: 19,500 EUR

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