Read the instructions for use before diluting solvent-based paint products. Gradually add solvent to the product to avoid overdosing. Wash painting supplies with solvent immediately after use. When cleaning surfaces, pre-sample a smaller area to make sure that the Xylene is suitable for cleaning the surface. Work in a well-ventilated area. Observe safety regulations when working.


Colorless, transparent

Frost resistance


Shelf life

Not specified


Store in tightly closed original container in a cool, well-ventilated place at ˂30 ° C. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. Protect from direct sunlight.

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0,5 lit metallipullon
5 lit muovinen kantta
10 lit muovinen kantta
20 lit metallia voi UN
25 lit muovinen kantta
200 lit rumpua / tynnyriä
640 lit IBC-säiliö
1000 lit IBC-säiliö
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For thinning solvent-based paint products

  • For thinning alkyd paints and primers
  • For cleaning surfaces from grease and oil
  • For removing adhesive, primer and paint stains under water


For thinning alkyd and epoxy paints, primers and varnishes. For removing stains from dried water-dispersion paints and adhesives on various surfaces, including tiles, laminates, plastics, pvc and others. surfaces. Suitable for removing dried Aquastop stain stains. Not suitable for diluting aqueous products.


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0,5 lit metallipullon, 5 lit muovinen kantta, 10 lit muovinen kantta, 20 lit metallia voi UN, 25 lit muovinen kantta, 200 lit rumpua / tynnyriä, 640 lit IBC-säiliö, 1000 lit IBC-säiliö