Calcium propionate (CAS 4075-81-4)


Calcium propionate (CAS 4075-81-4)

As a food additive, it is listed as E number 282 in the Codex Alimentarius. Calcium propionate is used as a preservative in a wide variety of products, including: bread, other baked goods, processed meat, whey, and other dairy products. In agriculture, it is used, amongst other things, to prevent milk fever in cows and as a feed supplement. Propionates prevent microbes from producing the energy they need, like benzoates do. However, unlike benzoates, propionates do not require an acidic environment.

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25 kg bag
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Industries: Feed industry
CAS number: 4075-81-4
WE number: 223-795-8
Chemical formula: (C3H5O2)2Ca
Molar mass: 186,22 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29155000

Other physical properties
pH: 8-9,5 (10% r-r)
Relative density: 0,995 g/cm3 (20°C )
Solubility in water: 428 g/l

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25 kg bag