Formic Acid 85% (CAS 64-18-6)


Formic Acid 85% (CAS 64-18-6)

Formic acid, systematically named methanoic acid, is the simplest carboxylic acid, and has the chemical formula H2CO2. It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in some ants. The word “formic” comes from the Latin word for ant, formica, referring to its early isolation by the distillation of ant bodies. Esters, salts, and the anion derived from formic acid are called formates. Industrially, formic acid is produced from methanol.

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Industries: Household chemicals, Adhesives, oils, greases, Feed industry
CAS number: 64-18-6
WE number: 200-579-1
Index number: 607-001-00-0
Chemical formula: HCOOH
Molar mass: 46,03 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29151100
ADR: UN1779

Other physical properties

pH: 2,2
Melting / freezing point: -13°C
Boiling point / range: 107,3°C
Relative density: 1,195 g/cm3 (20°C)

Additional information

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0,5 lit metal bottle, 5 lit plastic can, 10 lit plastic can, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 25 lit plastic can, 200 L (without container cost), 500 L (without container cost), 1000 L (without container cost)