Ethylene glycol 40% Master EWS-40 (CAS 107-21-1)


Concentration 40%, Freezing point, -24 ° C, Density, 1.056g / m3

Ethylene glycol 40% (Master EWS-40, water-glycol solution) is a mixture of high-quality ethylene glycol with distilled water in the form of an oily hygroscopic liquid with a crystallization temperature of -25 ° C.

CAS: 107-21-1

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This product is the most demanded on the Estonian market.
Starting to freeze and crystallize, the compound acquires a jelly-like consistency and only slightly increases in volume. Thanks to these qualities, it began to be used as a coolant in heating systems, since, unlike water and other similar liquids, the reagent does not harm radiators and pipes even when temperatures drop below freezing point.

The material does not show an aggressive effect in relation to products made of textiles, plastic, rubber, metal, but its use in systems with galvanized pipes is not recommended due to the likelihood of peeling. Also, AGR should not be mixed with solutions on other bases.

Application area
Ethylene glycol solution 40%, the price of which is favorable in our company, is used as a heat carrier (antifreeze and antifreeze liquid) in the temperature range from -25 ° С to 100 ° С in centralized air conditioning (cooling) systems and in autonomous heating circuits, in ice cooling systems. palaces and other sports facilities with closed-type engineering networks, in fire extinguishing systems of industrial facilities, in industrial air conditioning systems of enterprises, etc.

The material is especially recommended for use in indoor systems that are operated all year round without preservation in winter. You can buy it with anti-corrosion additives and dyes or without them at affordable prices in Masterchem. We have over 20 years of experience with aqueous glycol solutions.
We will always help you calculate the volume of the required solution based on the pipe diameter and length.

Security measures
The reagent is nonflammable, fire and explosion safe, but toxic. It is intended exclusively for technical use, therefore, its ingress into drinking water and food is not allowed in order to avoid poisoning.

With a short contact with clothing and exposed parts of the body, AGR is easily washed off with water, leaving no burns or irritations. By the degree of impact on the human body, it belongs to the class of moderately hazardous substances. When working with it, it is recommended to use special clothing, shoes, protective gloves, plastic glasses and a respirator.

Storage and transportation conditions
Ethylene glycol 40%, the price of which is low in our country, must be stored in an airtight container in dry unheated storage rooms, protected from direct sunlight, separately from food. Shelf life – 5 years from the date of production.

The connection can be transported by any covered vehicles in accordance with the rules and regulations for the carriage of goods in force for this type of transport.

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