Ammonium acetate (CAS 631-61-8)


Ammonium acetate (CAS 631-61-8)

Ammonium acetate, also known as spirit of Mindererus in aqueous solution, is a chemical compound with the formula NH4CH3CO2. It is a white, hygroscopic solid and can be derived from the reaction of ammonia and acetic acid. It is available commercially.

Ammonium acetate is also used as a food additive as an acidity regulator; INS number 264. It is approved for usage in Australia and New Zealand.

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Industries: Food industry
CAS number: 631-61-8
WE number: 211-162-9
Chemical formula: CH3COONH4
Molar mass: 77,08 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29152900

Other physical properties
Relative density: 1,073 g/cm³ (20°C )

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25 kg bag