Secrets and truth about washing from the manufacturer.

Secrets and truth about washing from the manufacturer.

Klaasipesuvedelikud ethanol and methanol MasterChem
Ethanol-based Methanol-based
Smell 1 (ethanol smell)4 (odorless)
Poisonous / harmful3 (harmful if swallowed, keep out of reach of children)1 (poison when ingested, protect eyes, keep out of reach of children)
Cost1 (2 times more expensive than methanol)5 (2 times cheaper than ethanol)
Detergent properties45
Alcohol Concentration and Savings on Wiper Dilution45

Rating on a 5-point system, where 5 is excellent, 1 is very poor

Many are probably at a loss – why did the glass cleaner and its strong odor rise in price in stores! Because on May 9 a directive was adopted, according to which the sale of methanol-based glass cleaning liquid to consumers is prohibited in the EU!

The initiative is Poland, so that people do not get poisoned with methanol liquid. Again they “worried” about the people, now they will buy an expensive, almost harmless product. It turned out to be forbidden – easier than raising the level of awareness and well-being in society.

And what can I say, it is politically more profitable to use Brazilian bioethanol than cheap methanol from its eastern neighbor.

And now how to pay the average consumer, let’s understand. Immediately make a reservation – this is not an advertising article, but an informative one. Not advertising because the author of the article produces all types of glass cleaning liquid and which one the client chooses can be sold as well. We have been manufacturing glass cleaning fluid for 25 years and have good knowledge. I have identified the main points by which we consider all the advantages and disadvantages of a liquid, depending on the type of alcohol.

The main alcohols are ethanol, methanol (wood alcohol) and isopropyl alcohol. We do not consider the latter, since in the European market it occupies about 1% of the total liquid. Compare non-freezing based on methanol and ethanol.

1. Smell

Deliberately put this item in first place, based on what is important to the client.

The concept of smell is also considered by the layman, because even methanol has a “natural” smell of methanol. So, the odorless glass cleaner is based on methanol. With a smell – based on ethanol. A liquid with a lower freezing point will smell stronger (-40 smell is stronger than -15 because -40 has a higher alcohol content).

Many manufacturers add perfumes – organic compounds that give the smell of apple, lemon, frosty freshness. What they do is clog or smell stronger than alcohol to clog the smell of alcohol. That is, the smell of alcohol does not disappear, and we breathe in additional chemistry. Everyone decides whether to inhale it (in our allergic age).

To summarize – the smell leader – methanol liquid.

2. Toxic / harmful.

Methanol is a poison. Even a small amount if swallowed can cause death. Contact with eyes is also harmful. Most importantly, keep out of the reach of children. And best of all, enter a habit – open the canister and completely pour it into the tank.

Ethanol-based windshield wipers are also prohibited. The ethanol used is all denatured – with ketones, isopropyl and bitrex, which gives bitterness.

3. Cost.

Methanol is about 2 times cheaper than ethanol. As a result, ethanol-based fluid is more expensive.

4. Detergent properties.

In addition to surfactants (surfactants), the non-freezing properties of detergents depend on alcohol. And here methanol liquid wins again – menalol is better at washing glass and treats rubber wipers more carefully.

5. Alcohol concentration and economy when diluting the wiper.

I will scatter another myth. Suppose you bought a wiper with a freezing point of -40C. Outside the window there is no such frost and you dilute the -40 wiper with water in a proportion of 50/50. Now the freezing temperature is -20? – Not! – if on the basis of ethanol, then -15, if on the basis of methanol -18! The dependence of the freezing temperature / content of the sprint is not direct. And in order to produce -21 freezing point, it is necessary to use ethanol more than methanol – with the same -21 degrees. At this point, methanol liquid wins.