Sodium sulfite (CAS 7757-83-7)


Sodium sulfite (CAS 7757-83-7)

Sodium sulfite (sodium sulphite) is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na2SO3. A white, water-soluble solid, it is used commercially as an antioxidant and preservative. A heptahydrate is also known but it is less useful because of its greater susceptibility toward oxidation by air.

Sodium sulfite is primarily used in the pulp and paper industry.

As an oxygen scavenger agent, it is used to treat water being fed to steam boilers to avoid corrosion problems, in the photographic industry, it protects developer solutions from oxidation and (as hypo clear solution) to wash fixer (sodium thiosulfate) from film and photo-paper emulsions.

As a reducing agent it is used in the textile industry as a bleaching, desulfurizing, and dechlorinating agent (e.g. in swimming pools). Its reducing properties are exploited in its use as a preservative to prevent dried fruit from discoloring, and for preserving meats.

It is used as a reagent in sulfonation and sulfomethylation agent. It is used in the production of sodium thiosulfate.

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Industries: Food industry
CAS number: 7757-83-7
WE number: 231-821-4
Chemical formula: Na2SO3
Molar mass: 126,04 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 28321000

Physical properties
pH: 8,8-10,0 (50 g/l H2O w 20 ºC)
Relative density: 2,63 g/cm3 (4ºC)
Solubility in water: 12,5 g/l (0ºC)

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