Thinner Nitro NT-5000


THINNER NITRO, as a mixture of quality organic solvents (6 components).This is a product used for thinning lacquers, paints, enamel, varnishes and for cleaning the corresponding brushes, rollers and other tools.  MasterChem produce this product directly.

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0,5 lit metal bottle
5 lit plastic can
10 lit plastic can
20 L plastic bucket/canister
25 lit plastic can
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Masterchem Nitrolahusti NT-5000 Product Description (EST, 2019)

Application and use:
– for the correction of lacquers, stain and varnish viscosity in the nitro systems of wood and
metal protection and decoration,
– degreasing metal surfaces,
– cleaning accessories,
– for removing waxes and resins from wood, thinning paint and cleaning tools.

Tip: Store the product at a temperature between +5 °C and 35 °C and do not expose it to direct

Density: at 20 degrees C – 0.85 g/cm3 +-0.05
Color – colorless liquid



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