MasterCoolant ECO CONCENTRATE ecological heat carrier (coolant)


Environmentally friendly coolant for heating, conditioning and ventilation systems, contains no harmful to human body ethylene glycol. Made on the basis of non-toxic propylene glycol, and therefore particularly suitable for heating of houses and apartments. Protects the system from freezing. Extends the life of heating equipment and protects it against freezing.

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Trade name: MasterCoolant ECO -40°C


  • Contains a balanced set of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, iron, copper, brass, duraluminium;
  • Does not contain nitrites, amines and phosphates;
  • Do not freeze at low temperatures;
  • Resistant to overheating and oxidation;
  • Protects heating equipment against corrosion;
  • Do not damage sealings;
  • Eliminates the formation of scale and other mineral deposits on the surfaces of the heating equipment;

TERMS OF USE: PRODUCT ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL USE! Package content must be diluted with demineralized or distilled water in proportion as showed in table.

Percentage in water mixture Mixture freezing temperature
25% -10°С
30% -14°С
35% -17°С
40% -21°С
45% -26°С
50% -32°С
55% -40°С
60% -48°С

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