MasterCoolant ECO -20°C ecological heat carrier (coolant)


Environmentally friendly coolant for heating systems, contains no harmful to human body ethylene glycol. Made on the basis of non-toxic propylene glycol, and therefore particularly suitable for heating of houses and apartments. Not for use in heating systems with aluminium radiators. MasterCoolant ECO -20°C contains propylene glycol, especially demineralized water, corrosion additives, antifoam agents, stabilizing additives and package of high quality, multifunctional additives.

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Trade name: MasterCoolant ECO -20°C


  • Contains a balanced set of corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, iron, copper, brass, duraluminium;
  • Does not contain phosphates, nitrites, amines;
  • Do not freeze at temperatures down to -20˚C;
  • Protects equipment against corrosion;
  • Do not damage sealings;
  • The boiling point is +120˚C;

TERMS OF USE: The coolant is not subject to dilution, since contains a balanced package of additives. The coolant is poured into the heating system and heating system is used according to instructions.

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