Master NOL30 PRO geothermal heating fluid


Master NOL30 PRO is the high quality solution for filling geothermal heating systems


Master NOL30 PRO is a ready-made product for filling earth heating circuits from MasterChem specialists. This product is based on a 30% denatured ethanol solution for heat pumps. Ethyl alcohol is an environmentally friendly product, therefore it is especially recommended for heating systems of houses and apartments. It contains all the necessary additives for long-term operation of the heating system.
On our site you will also find Master NOL30 – this is a standard cheaper product that is used by those for whom the cost of the product is primarily important.

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25 lit plastic can
200 L
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Ethanol 30%, inhibitor additives, stabilizing additives, dye.


Contains anti-corrosion additives. Our additives are based on innovative Nanotechnologies that give resistance to depletion of corrosion inhibitors.
Does not damage the internal equipment of heating systems.
Protects against corrosion.
Freezing point -20С
Clear liquid with alcohol odour.
Density ~0.95 g/cm3
The service life in the heating system, subject to the rules of operation, is at least 8 years.

Instructions for use:

The coolant does not require additional dilution.
You can calculate the quantity of the product using our calculator. The purchase of 10% more product is recommended, as there are always calculated and practical data. The coolant is poured into the heating systems and the systems are operated according to the operating instructions.


Store in a hermetically sealed container at a temperature above 0°C, in a dry, ventilated area.

Safety regulations:

Keep away from sources of combustion such as hot surfaces, flames, sparks.
Do not smoke in the immediate vicinity. Keep the product tightly closed. When interacting, use protective equipment – gloves, clothing, goggles, mask.
Store the product in a cool well ventilated area. Dispose of the used container/container in accordance with the hazardous waste regulations.

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