Copper chloride dihydrate (CAS 10125-13-0)


Copper chloride dihydrate (CAS 10125-13-0)

Copper(II) chloride is the chemical compound with the chemical formula CuCl2. The anhydrous form is yellowish brown but slowly absorbs moisture to form a blue-green dihydrate.

Both the anhydrous and the dihydrate forms occur naturally as the very rare minerals tolbachite and eriochalcite, respectively.

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Industries: Fertilizers, Feed industry
CAS number: 10125-13-0
WE number: 231-210-2
Chemical formula: CuCl2·2H2O
Molar mass: 134,45 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 28273985
ADR: UN2802

Other physical properties

pH: 3-3,8
Melting / freezing point: ~100°C
Relative density: 3,39 g/cm3
Solubility in water: 1150 g/l

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