Burned lime (CAS 1305-78-8)


Burned lime (CAS 1305-78-8)

Calcium oxide, CaO, occurs as white or grayish-white lumps or granular powder. The presence of iron gives it a yellowish or brownish tint.

Calcium Oxide is a general food additive consisting of white granules or powder of poor water solubility. it is obtained by heating limestone (calcium carbonate) in a furnace. it is also termed lime or quicklime. it is used as an anticaking agent, firming agent, and nutritive supple- ment in applications such as grain products and soft candy.

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Industries: Glass and ceramics
CAS number: 1305-78-8
WE number: 215-138-9
Chemical formula: CaO
Molar mass: 56,08 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 28259019

Other physical properties

pH: 12,3

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25 kg bag