Ammonia water 25% (CAS 7664-41-7)

Ammonia water 25% (CAS 7664-41-7)


Ammonia water Application: multi-purpose industrial chemical (incl. Hydrometallurgy, thermal energy, etc.)

Ammonia water storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated room or outdoors in closed stainless or carbon steel, polyethylene or polypropylene containers, away from homes and workplaces, away from unauthorized persons. Storage rooms must meet the requirements for storage rooms for flammable liquids. Containers must be provided with a vent. Bottles must not be filled to the brim, the concentrated solution may cause pressure. Store away from incompatible materials (acids, organic substances, some metals and their salts)

CAS: 7664-41-7

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0,5 lit metal bottle
5 lit plastic can
10 lit plastic can
20 lit metal can UN
25 lit plastic can
200 lit drum/barrel
640 lit IBC container
1000 lit IBC container
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0,5 lit metal bottle, 5 lit plastic can, 10 lit plastic can, 20 lit metal can UN, 25 lit plastic can, 200 lit drum/barrel, 640 lit IBC container, 1000 lit IBC container