Answers to frequently asked questions about biofireplaces and biofuels

Answers to frequently asked questions about biofireplaces and biofuels

Do bio fireplaces heat a room?

– Yes

Can be used as the main heat source

– no, it is more expensive than traditional heat sources and requires frequent maintenance (bioethanol replenishment)

Can be used as a temporary/emergency heat source

– yes

The news often talks about a possible power outage – many people ask themselves – what to do, how to heat the room?

If it is not possible to use wood heating or you live in an apartment – then this is the solution for you.
You can install a bio fireplace on the street, in a house, in an apartment, in an office, in a workshop, in a cafe and in other public places.

Biofireplace as a heat source:

To answer the question of how well bio fireplaces heat a room, you need to carefully study the characteristics of a particular model and take into account the area of ​​the room.

Standard small models, when consuming one liter of biofuel, provide power up to 5-6 kW. For every 10 square meters, the power requirement is about 1 kW per hour. It follows that in this case it is enough to burn half a liter of bioethanol in 60 minutes.

Now let’s examine it from an economic point of view. One liter of bioethanol XXX costs 2.20 liters when bought in a large package. Accordingly, the cost of one kilowatt of heat costs 0.44 euros. The cost is 2 times more expensive than the current electricity general service package, but it is an independent heating source.

How long does the biofireplace burn?
Depending on the size of the tank, 1 liter of fuel (on small models) burns out in 3-4 hours.
What is the efficiency of bio fireplaces – 95%
Which type of fireplace is the most efficient – a floor bio-fireplace.

Additional information about biofireplaces and fuel.
The biofireplace complements the main heat source. It can be used to heat a room in the cold season.
Biofireplaces heat the room where it is installed. Even small models become an additional source of heat.

The fire is a light source, and the flame size in the bio fireplace reaches a serious size and can be adjusted by the user himself. In the event of a power cut, the biofireplace can illuminate large rooms.
Watching the flame has a positive effect on a person. It calms, gives energy, allows relaxation and recovery from stress, has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate.

When burning biofuels, only water vapor and carbon dioxide are released, which is equivalent in volume to human breathing. Dry air is the cause of respiratory, skin and eye diseases. Humidified air has a positive effect on health and immunity.

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