Windscreen washer summer MasterChem

Windscreen washer summer MasterChem


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5 lit plastic can
200 lit drum/barrel
640 lit IBC container
1000 lit IBC container


Chemical name:     Windshield Washer Fluid

Product type:    Ready for use

Packing:    5 lit. canister, 200 lit drums, 500 lit IBC, 1000 L container IBC


Country of origin:  Estonia


Freezing Point  0 °C

Appearance:   red liquid, clear, without mechanical impurity

Density at 20ºC:  0.99 Kg/m³, liquid

PH   6.5 to 7.5

Main content, %:   99.8-99.9

Recommended storage temperature Minimum: 0 C Maximum: 38 C

Shelf life (in original sealed pack): 12 mounts